The metalworker hammers patterns into a horse chestnut base, over which a beautiful black lacquer is applied. Enjoy the deep luster which varies in every piece.

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鍛木 金箔

Gold leaf is applied to this Tanmokuzara, then gently scraped off allowing beautiful shading to emerge. The roughened surface creates a natural appearance.

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鍛木 銀箔

Silver leaf is applied then sanded off to contrast with the luster of the black lacquer, revealing its natural beauty. Enjoy the changing patina of the silver.

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This plate’s round snow motif is created by some of the few metalworkers in Japan who make Orin. An exceptional piece with natural warmth and the beauty of falling snow.

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Created by artisans who make Orin and continue Takaoka’s metalworking traditions, the fine lines express spring rain. Enjoy the breath of nature at your table.